Sandals Jamaica

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Weddings At Sandals Negril

Negril Jamaica is one of the most romantic places to get married. Most of the All Inclusive Resorts in Negril offer wedding services and Sandals Negril is no differen't. Included in the price of your vacation you can get married either on the beach or in the garden. I'd recommend the beach as close to sunset as possible. The only downside to getting married on the beach at Sandals Negril is the foot traffic going by as resort guests and even some from Hedonism walk by which can make for an interesting wedding. We were fortunate enough to attend the wedding of another Sandals Negril guest and it was very cool. The ceremony was quaint and romantic and the resort setup a small table for wedding guests to share some cake and champagne with the newly weds.

The garden at Sandals Negril also makes for a romantic setting and it will be much quieter and private. There is lots of lush vegitation and a bridge and gazebo to perform your wedding in as well as take some great pictures.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sandals Negril Beach Party

Wednesday nights at Sandals Negril were beach party nights. Dinner at Sandals Negril was served buffet style on the beach. As usual dinner was great and eating at tables on the Seven Mile Beach was really cool. Even better was the kettle drum band playing Caribbean music while we ate. Finally the beach party was finished with a limbo contest which was really fun.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sandals Dunn's River Pool

The pool at Sandals Dunn's River is what makes this resort unique. Most Sandals Resorts in Jamaica have nice pools but not as expansive as the Sandals Dunn's River pool. I think Sandals Grande Ocho Rios may now be larger but it was Sandals Dunn's River pool that was the original. There is a replica of Dunn's River Falls that feeds water into the pool. You can actually go behind the waterfall which can be quite fun. Plenty of room at the swim up bar is available due to the large size of the pool at Sandals Dunn's River resort.

Sandals Dunns River Beach

If you've ever considered going to Sandals Dunn's River you may be interested in seeing the beach. The beach at Sandals Dunns River has deep white sand that is very soft. If you were to run on the beach at Sandals Dunn's River you'd get quite a workout. Beach Volleyball is fun on this particular beach because the soft sand is to deep. When you jump you land back in the soft sand which is easy on the feet. There is plenty of room for everyon on the Sandals Dunn's River beach and plenty of shade and chairs are available.

Ricks Cafe Negril

When we stayed at Sandals Negril we took a booze cruise over to Ricks Cafe which is on west end road in Negril. Ricks Cafe is a large restaurant and bar on the cliffs of Negril. Visitors to Ricks Cafe enjoy jumping and diving off the cliff which is about 30 feet above the ocean in a cove. At night a Reaggae band plays which is way cool. The prices at Ricks Cafe are higher than normal but not a surprise for a tourist spot. One thing that is a pain is that you can't pay with cash, you have to get tokens and then buy drinks with the tokens. Be sure to go to Ricks Cafe at about 5:00pm and stay until the sun goes down. The sunsets from Ricks Cafe are like no other. Ricks Cafe has the best view of the Negril sunset from the cliff based restaurant. Here is a picture of me jumping off the cliff at Ricks Cafe.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kimonos Restaurant Sandals Negril

The fine dining restaurant at Sandals Negril is called Kimonos. This is a tepanyaki style restaurant meaning you sit around the table with 6-8 people. A chef works a cooking surfact at the table cooking various meats and vegitables. The chef's at Kimonos are full of character, they sing while they cook your meal and toss food to you. Kimonos was one of the highlights of our visit to Sandals Negril, and a great way to meet other guests. Business casual style dress is recommended at Kimonos.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Sandals Jamaica Content

I added a few new pages about Sandals Resorts in Jamaica to a site of mind. One is about Sandals Montego Bay resort which i've not been to but have discussed with many fans. Most like Sandals Montego Bay because they can get off the plane in Sangster Airport and be on the beach an hour later.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sandals Negril Garden View Room

Behind Paradise Block at Sandals Negril you'll find a beautiful garden. Paths wind through the garden and there is a gazebo where weddings are held. The streams that wind through the garden have small fish and other small creatures. This is what the view from a Garden View room at Sandals Negril looks like.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Paradise Block Sandals Negril

Sandals Negril Resort has the resort organized into "Blocks" this indicates which building your room will be in. We always stay in Paradise Block which is in the center of the resort. Paradise Block is three stories tall with beach front and gardenview rooms. We always stay in a beach front room and enjoy being just 20 feet off the famous Seven Mile Beach in Negril. Here is a picture of Paradise Block at Sandals Negril. I've been on the first and third floors of Paradise block. I prefer the third floor as it is an ideal angle to get great pictures of the beach at Sandals Negril and sunsets.