Sandals Jamaica

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sandals Negril Swim Up Pool Bar

The swim up bar at Sandals Negril is a very popular place during the daytime. The swim up bar at Sandals Negril is located in the main pool which is just off the resort lobby. Located at the end of the main pool and just to the side of the large hot tub the swim up bar is a perfect gathering place for those just lounging in the pool or waiting for pool volleyball to begin. I'm not sure if Sandals Negril still does this but when I was there in 2002 they had mixology courses at the swim up bar where guest could try shots of all sorts of drinks that are popular at Sandals Negril. This made for alot of tired or drunk people come dinnertime.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Randy The Bartender At Sandals Negril

There used to be a great bar tender at Sandals Negril named Randy. He would do cool stuff like balance bottles of Galliano on his head while serving drinks. I think he left Sandals Negril in 2003 which was a huge loss for Sandals Negril. I heard he's now in the United States tending bar. Here's a picture of me and Randy.

Sandals Negril Beach Picture

Ok I can't resist posting twice in a night. My wife took this picture from our third floor room in the Paradise Block of Sandals Negril. The sun was about to set and an attractive lady was wading in the water of booby cay. A saxaphone player was walking the 7 mile beach of which Sandals Negril is part of. My wife captured the entire scene and it makes for a great photo.

My First Sandals Jamaica Post

Lets start out with a picture I took from Sandals Negril. In Jamaica the sunset goes down very fast. At about 5:30pm people gather on beaches to watch the sunset. It is not uncommon at Sandals Negril to have many people on the beach with cameras just to capture this remarkable sight. The sun will set so fast you can litterally see the ball which is the sun sink into the horizon.